arwa-twinchef – smart helpmate in the kitchen

Touchless faucets ease chores and guarantee high hygiene standards. The latest domestic kitchen diva is arwa-twinchef with its smart combination of sensor technology and manual operation.

Intelligent functions for domestic chores

Standard kitchen faucets generally fulfil basic needs: manually operated, they supply cold or hot water. However, occasions arise when an automatic flow of water would come in handy, for instance when the user’s hands are full or dirty. Similor’s arwa-twinchef meets this need with its automatic self-closing option.

The innovation is based on the classic single-lever faucet with a swivel outlet and pull-out spray from the arwa-twin series. On the arwa-twinchef, both the sensors and hybrid valve for the touchless function are integrated into the extended left cylinder.

Water on tap!

So how does the electronic-mechanical kitchen faucet perform day to day? On the one hand, it offers a conventional lever for adjusting water flow and temperature, and on the other, infra-red proximity sensors. The infra-red transmitter and water flow are activated when a hand or object enters the sensor field up to a few centimetres away.

The transmitter switches to remote sensing when the hand or object moves towards the centre of the sink. As soon as the sensor no longer detects any movement in the detection field, the flow of water stops automatically.

Innovative sensor technology

arwa-twinchef is the very first faucet on the market to offer three rather than two sensors as standard. Depending on their programming, they detect movement on the left, right or in the front area of the sensor field. This is one reason why it is ideal for double-bowl sinks. Another special feature is the dosing function – perfect, for instance, for filling saucepans or jugs. The required amount of water is pre-programmed once. Here, too, the water stops automatically as soon as the saucepan or jug is full or it is removed from the sensor field.

Inner workings

A special single-lever ceramic cartridge with temperature and quantity options controls the water flow for the normal lever function. By contrast, a hybrid valve controls the water flow for the electronic function. The electronic function is triggered by infra-red sensor. The corresponding battery or power unit can be mounted smartly under the countertop. Worth knowing: after a power failure the electronic function switches back on automatically. Thanks to its environmentally friendly technology, arwa-twinchef satisfies the “A” energy label requirements of the Swiss Federal Office of Energy (SFOE), SwissEnergy.

Outer style

arwa-twinchef is styled in a purist architectural design and meets discerning standards for domestic kitchens. The kitchen faucet is available with a chrome surface finish.

Similor’s arwa-twinchef sets new standards in kitchen faucets with smart sensor technology.

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