Curvetronic – high-quality design for the public sector

Public restrooms make an important statement in terms of prestige. Satisfying hygiene and design standards, Sanimatic has extended its range of self-closing faucets with the stylish Curvetronic washbasin faucets.

Design for the public

The restroom facilities in restaurants, shopping malls, gyms, at railway stations or airports no longer have to make do with purely practical yet fairly unattractive faucets. The Sanimatic Curvetronic features a self-closing faucet based on infra-red technology for use in public and semi-public areas. Curvetronic’s visual highlight is the elegantly curved, arched outlet, which describes the path of the water in a sensuous manner. The subtly receding contour edges convey perfection while at the same time creating a dynamic effect, thus enhancing the room’s overall impression without dominating the scene. Thanks to its easy-to-clean design and touchless operation, Curvetronic satisfies the highest hygiene standards. The Stuttgart designer Andreas Dimitriadis from platiumdesign was responsible for design creation.

Smart technology

With premium electronics inside, Curvetronic offers several function options tailored to individual needs. The faucet can be operated by battery as well as over a mains connection. Straightforward maintenance is also ensured: the arched outlet is fitted with a removable cap for swift and easy access to the technology inside, so there is no need to dismantle the outlet.

Compared to faucets with levers, Curvetronic saves up to 70% water, and thanks to its environmentally friendly technology, complies with the requirements of the Swiss Federal Office of Energy SFOE, Swiss Energy’s “A” label.

Design by Andreas Dimitriadis, platinumdesign

Distinctive design with flair: a product that not only meets the expectations of the buyer, but whose unexpected positive features also pleasantly surprise. Andreas Dimitriadis believes this is the definition of a perfect product. With this in mind, the owner of the design studio platinumdesign and his seven-strong team of designers, CAD specialists and model makers create expressive products that offer the customer added value, have a strong emotional appeal, visualise their inherent quality and build trust in the brand.

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