SmartControl-U – the new external urinal control with Bluetooth module

Due to their hygiene benefits, it is hard to imagine modern public restrooms urinals without touchless controls. However Sanimatic's new external urinal SmartControl-U is even smarter. A Bluetooth module enables operators to configure and control the installed urinals quickly, easily and hygienically using their smartphone or tablet and our in-house developed 'SmartControl' app.


Consummate technology and safety from start to finish

The flush-mounted unit contains separate compartments for a connector, Bluetooth adapter, battery or mains device for total clarity and safe usage. All connectors are rated in a high IP protection class, minimum IP 64, thus affording reliable protection against splashing from all directions. The flush-mounted unit can also be easily and safely installed, with the water path doubly secured by a fixing bracket and circlip to ensure perfect sealing. Depth compensation is possible up to 80 mm. In the unlikely event of water escaping, a sealing cord between the flush-mounted unit and depth compensation feature prevents water seeping into the wall, draining it off instead at the front plate. As a finishing touch, the stylish front plate in high quality chromed metal lends public restrooms a modern, hygienic look. 


To the product SmartControl-U flush-mounted unit
Go to assembly manual of the flush-mounted unit (PDF)

To the product SmartControl-U front plate
Go to assembly manual of the front plate (PDF)


Bluetooth adjustment and diagnostics

The SmartControl-U function default settings can be re-programmed to suit individual needs manually per sensor or using the relevant iOS or Android-based app on a smartphone or tablet. In this case the network version with Bluetooth adapter is required. When standing in the restroom with the relevant urinals, the smartphone or tablet is connected to the installed controls via Bluetooth. Once there is a connection, the app can be used for single device or group set-up and diagnostics.


  •  Flush water volume
  •  Flush delay
  •  Sensor range
  •  Stay time
  •  Time intervals for hygiene flushing
  •  Stadium mode
  •  Hybrid mode


  •  Use count and number of operating hours
  •  Sensor status request
  •  Power supply and faucet condition
  •  Average use





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