Citytouch for public areas – elegant, practical and inexpensive

The latest self-closing faucet from the Sanimatic range for public and semi-public restrooms is called Citytouch. Its modern design language, ease of maintenance and good value for money make it an impressive choice.

A clean bright atmosphere and practical user-friendly products are welcome features in public and semi-public restrooms. The Sanimatic brand specialises in meeting these standards with well-designed faucets. The new Citytouch faucet line also proves that modern design language, perfect performance and an attractive price produce an unbeatable combination.

User-friendly functions in a modern look

Citytouch is a modern and simply designed self-closing faucet that blends perfectly with pleasantly appointed public restrooms. The design discreetly matches a variety of surroundings, for instance in school buildings, motorway services or railway stations. It also satisfies the highest function standards while remaining within the reach of every budget.


The range

Three different versions are available:

Single-hole washbasin mixer
Temperature setting over rotary control
Projection 110 mm

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Single-hole washbasin mixer
With temperature control at side
Projection 100 mm

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Pillar faucet
For cold or mixed water
Projection 100 mm

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The faucet body and water lines are made of brass and thus comply with stringent drinking water ordinance regulations. All three Citytouch models produce a noise level of 20 decibels or less at 3 bar water pressure. To put it in descriptive terms, they operate as quietly as the gentle rustle of leaves, complying with Noise Group I requirements.

Easy installation and handling

The self-closing faucets are easy to install and maintain. The integrated pneumatic self-closing cartridge can be easily replaced with no need to dismantle the entire faucet. On the one-hole washbasin mixer with a 100 mm projection, the handle and cartridge are in one piece that can be replaced as a whole. On the model with110 mm projection, the handle can be removed and the cartridge below replaced.

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For the environment's sake

All the new Citytouch faucets have environmentally friendly technology inside, earning them the ‛A’ energy label from the Swiss Federal Office of Energy (SFOE), SwissEnergy. 





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