New app – arwa 360°

Enjoy the highlights of arwa faucets on your smartphone or tablet – with the new arwa 360° app. Discover the outstanding quality of the faucets in a 360° panorama view and appreciate their irresistible elegance. The new app is available now for iOS and Android for downloading to your smartphone or tablet.

View the distinctive details of our faucets from various angles. With the arwa 360° app you can view all the main versions of our bathroom and kitchen lines from every angle at a simple swipe, making it even easier to select your favourite faucet.

The app can be used whenever you like, online and offline, while you are being advised in the saleroom or on the couch at home. In addition to the main product details, you also have access to technical drawings, assembly instructions and extra features in online mode.

And of course, there's much more to come. The next app upgrade will include the design lines and technical product information for specific ranges as well as additional functions.


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