arwa-twinplus – practical window solution

Marked by sophistication, the arwa-twinplus faucet line makes a statement. This design-focused collection is an essential style element in any modern home. The collection is now being extended with a kitchen faucet offering a practical solution for installation in front of windows.

Repositioning all the connection points or moving windows is not always possible when you modernise your kitchen. Even with new buildings, positioning the sink in front of a window is often unavoidable. Now the problems associated with opening windows behind sinks are a thing of the past. The practical, innovative window solution from the arwa-twinplus series offers a flexible, simple solution – thanks to the outlet that tilts forward.

arwa-twinplus window solution

Projection 225 mm, swivel spout 360°
Art.No. 9.05434.100.000

You can simply tilt the outlet forward up to 90°. To achieve the minimum height, the handle can also be turned 90° to the front. The faucet height is then just 73 mm.

To enable the outlet to tilt down fully, the sink must have a minimum depth of 152 mm.

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