arwa-twinplus – a fully rounded collection

Marked by sophistication, the arwa-twinplus faucet line makes a statement. This design-focused collection is an essential style element in any modern home.​

arwa-twinplus includes various washbasin mixers with a fixed outlet. Both the faucet with a 109 mm projection and the version with a 140 mm projection are suitable for mounting on countertop washbasins or as solutions for single or double washbasins. The pedestal mixers with a discharge height of 190 mm and 240 mm and a projection of 180 mm are a perfect match for freestanding washbasin bowls.


Anyone with a penchant for “less is more” will appreciate the new arwa-twinplus concealed faucets with wall-mounted outlet and lever. The outlet and lever of the new models are fitted with very small collars, giving the bathroom a particularly minimalistic feel. The faucets are fitted with the new Simibox 2-Point.


Even more subtle are the new 1-Point wall-mounted faucet and shower mixer. The innovative installation technology is particularly noteworthy. With dimensions of just 82×82 mm, Simibox 1-Point is the first compact flush-mounted system on the market. The small size means that there are only marginal structural changes when it is wall-mounted.


A brief overview of the range:

Basin mixer Basin mixer Eco+, Highriser Wall-mounted basin mixer 1-Point
Wall-mounted basin mixer 2-Point Sower mixer 1-Point Showerstation
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Sink mixer Eco+ with straight spount
Available in chrome and stainless steel

Sink mixer Eco+ with round spout
Available in chrome
NEW Sink mixer window solution
Available from July 2017
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