arwa-twinplus – the new generation

The wall-mounted faucets from the arwa-twinplus series create an elegant effect. They are installed with the unique concealed 1-Point or 2-Point units.

The arwa-twinplus faucet collection stands out with fluid transitions and efficient use of material. The iconic style of the washbasin and shower mixer, designed by Andreas Dimitriadis of platinumdesign, is a masterpiece of architectonic understatement: a key feature – aside from user-friendly operation – that makes it a must-have design element in modern bathrooms. Elegant and exceptionally slim wall-mounted faucets and a concealed shower mixer are new additions to the range. They are installed with the very small and innovative flush-mounted Simibox 1-Point and 2-Point units.


Anyone with a penchant for “less is more” will make the right choice with arwa-twinplus. The outlet and lever for the new 2-Point models are fitted with very small collars, giving the bathroom a particularly minimalistic feel.


The range of 1-Point and 2-Point 


The wall-mounted mixer with 175 or 225 mm projection and swivel-mounted outlet and shower mixer are installed with the Simibox 1-Point. While water connections for wall-mounted faucets used to require a clearance of 120 or 153 mm, these ones are concealed in the Simibox 1-Point under a collar with a diameter of 60 mm. The control cartridge is inside the faucet, so the warm and cold water are mixed directly in the faucet body, instead of in the flush-mounted unit. The Simibox 1-Point thus enables the design of more streamlined and slender faucet bodies, increasing the minimalistic look of the bathroom.


To the product details:

Wall-mounted mixer 175 mm/225 mm

Shower mixer

The 2-Point wall basin mixer is available with a straight outlet and a 195 mm projection. It has small collars of only 72 mm diameter.

To the product details



Simibox 1-Point

With dimensions of just 82×82 mm, Simibox 1-Point is the first compact flush-mounted system on the market. The small size means the structural change is marginal for wall-mounting. The brass body of the Simibox 1-Point is cast in one piece and combines the outlet and the control. The system is based on ingenious technology that incorporates practical installation tools and means it is easy to fit on or behind the wall. The way it works and the installation remain largely unchanged, regardless of how it is fitted. When the Simibox 1-Point is installed, the arwa-twinplus decor is simply attached to the recessed body and secured by a screw.

Mounting instruction Simibox 1-Point (PDF, 2.5 MB)

Simibox 2-Point

2-Point with 35 mm cartridge

Simibox 2-Point is just 185×94 mm in size and thus exceptionally compact. It is also particularly flat: a minimum installation depth of 47 to 72 mm means it is perfect for building into thin dividing walls. If the box is built in too deeply, a 25 mm extension set is available. The small size means that there are only marginal structural changes when it is wall-mounted. The distance between the outlet and handle is 100 mm for each. The Simibox 2-Point for arwa-twinplus is equipped with a 35 mm cartridge. Three concealed boxes are available, each with the options of a handle on the right, left, or o top. 

A practical assembly kit (Art. No. 5.29050.941.000, CHF 47.00) simplifies the precise positioning of the box. The brass body of the box is protected by a polystyrene box which also ensures that the faucet noise is not carried by the wall and into adjoining rooms. The protection cap adds a further level of assembly security. Designed so that diameter of both cylinders is the same size, it enables the fitter to mount the box evenly using a spirit level. When the Simibox 2-Point is installed, the outlet and handle of the faucet are simply attached to the recessed box and each secured by a screw.

Simibox 2-Point for arwa-twinplus

Mounting instruction Simibox 2-Point (PDF, 2 MB)





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